TaskPutty User Guide Documentation Manual

User defined Actions on Items

Creating Custom User Actions on Items

Defining your own “custom” Item Actions, will provide your usersĀ  with actions that they can perform on cards, on demand.

go to item actions


add item actions


go to the item actions rules designer

Use the Rules Designer to create Action Rules for this User Action

define an example item action rules


Notes on defining Action Rules

  • Usually one will leave the left side of the rules blank, unless one wants to make the actions to be triggered conditional.
  • Use this to define the entire set of actions that you want triggered from your original Custom Action, in this example the one labelled “Set as priority Customer”.
  • Although this is a very simple example, you can use these actions to send emails, change field values, and copy cards across to other process boards for other teams to work on them.
  • You can also control when actions should be available for selection, and which users are allowed to perform the actions, on the main Item Actions list. (shown above at Step 1)


Performing Actions on Cards

A new actions menu will appear when-ever a user right-clicks on a card

how to perform custom item actions on cards