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Always see everything

  • Watch your clients travel through your sales pipeline in realtime
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  • Full activity history - who what when

Start simple ...

  • easy to use
  • master it in a day
  • focus only on what you need to get started

... add more power

  • When you are ready, know that TaskPutty is there to grow with you
  • Easily incorporate new learning to enhance your sales processes to maximize results
  • Take continuous improvement to a whole new level

Undelete anything

  • Oops happens - no big deal!
  • Instantly restore any deleted records

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CRM with a difference - welcome to the world's most flexible CRM

form designer

Form Designer

crm sales funnel and process

Process and Sales Funnel Editor

crm business rules

Business Logic and Rules Builder

Reporting power - use ours or design your own. Reports are the real power of any CRM.

You get the following reports out of the box

Easily design your own

Sales by Stage

Sales by Rep

Drag and Drop

The real business benefits from CRM come from

  • Systemize the selling process across your organization
  • Never leave wasted value on the table
  • Learn from your successes
  • Have constant insight into the value of your sales pipeline

This is why any seasoned sales manager will tell you the most important feature of any CRM system is the reporting system. Do you get the most important reports automatically and easily?

Is it easy to see what you want to see, at a click of a button, and in real time?

Are your sales people constantly refocused on the most important next actions?

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