TaskPutty User Guide Documentation Manual

How to Design your own Sales Process

CRM Sales Funnel Designs that boost Sales

Continous learning cycles hold the key to boosting sales, making changes to your sales processes and then observing how it affects your bottom line.

Speed matters. If a tool makes it tedious or non-visual to edit your sales process, it discourages real-time changes and improvements – which is where competitive advantage is realized in innovative companies and high growth businesses.

The good thing about TaskPutty is how easy and fast it makes changing a sales process, or creating a new one.

The biggest problem with other CRMs are that they either limit how complex your sales funnel can be, especially in terms of alternative decision flow paths.

Although many CRM products claim to allow customizing your sales pipeline, when it comes to sheer speed and ease of doing it, with unlimited flexibility, TaskPutty beats all of them.

Linear Sales Funnels vs Rich Sales Processes

TaskPutty allows you to the freedom to move between traditional top-to-bottom or left-to-right sales funnel (sales pipeline) type sales processes, and rich sales process flows with different branches, parallel action steps, or to define sub-steps (i.e. sub-processes).

How to use different Sales Processes to sell different products

Different product lines or service lines follow different steps.

STEP 1: Create a board for each custom sales process


STEP 2: Tie these processes together to suite your needs