TaskPutty User Guide Documentation Manual

Form Designer Basics

Creating a form

Simply right-click on any process step, and select Form Designer

navigate to form designer

add fields to form by dragging

Rename your form

rename form data tab

Label positions

Top Aligned Field Labels

top aligned field labels

Left Aligned Field Labels

left aligned field labels

You can change the position to which your labels will be aligned, for any new fields you are dropping onto your form, by switching the position mode:

change field alignment mode


You can switch the label position for fields that are already on your form

change field label position

Advanced form layouts

You can create multi-column form layouts

multi column field layout


Using your form

how to use forms

Remove forms from Steps

You can delete a form, which effectively means no form will be associated with the step in question any longer.

Go to the step in question, right click, go to Form Designer, then use the top-right menu to select Delete Form.