Trello Reports

Built-in Trello Reports

As of the time of this writing, Trello Reports are under active development by the trello team.

You can view here the status of the various Trello reporting features under development.

Best Trello Reporting tools

"Easy-Insight" -Reporting Product for Trello

Corello Agile Dashboards

"ScreenFull" - Reports for Trello

Treport - The Trello Report Generator (Open Source)

Also consider

Exporting your data to create your own Trello Reports

For those with hard-core spreadsheet skills, you can build your own reportrs via Google Spreadsheets export function from Trello.

Consider a Trello Alternative thas has a Report Designer

Trello Reports can solve problems like time reports, scrum reports, kanban reports, but if you need anything more specialized, you will likely need a tool like TaskPutty.

Unlike Trello, TaskPutty has support for Custom Fields and a drag-and-drop report builder.


Report painter

Build any process in TaskPutty


Plant Maintenance


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