Trello is a good starter CRM, but closers need more

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TaskPutty is a Trello-like CRM for those who have outgrown Trello

TaskPutty CRM


Custom Fields

Structure your data properly with a full set of custom fields and a form designer:

You can even use lookup fields to find prices, region codes, etc. in reference tables

Not supported


Easily build reports with the integrated, intuitive report designer:

TaskPutty comes with a set of pre-configured CRM reports

Only available using a third-party add-on

Automation and workflow

Powerful "business rules engine" - move cards and send escalation email when fields change or timer rules trigger:

Drag-and-drop - no coding required!

Limited support using API - you will need a programmer

Trello just doesn't have what serious CRM implementations need

TaskPutty feels like Trello, and it can take you all the way

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