Trello Custom Fields

Trello wasn't designed for Structured Data

Trello is best suited for free-form notes, chats, and arbitrary document attachments, for example for capturing all the notes against a project task.

However many process-orientated uses require that you can have structured data, entered against custom fields, without which reporting and slicing-and-dicing your data also becomes hard.

Plug-ins and Add-ons for Custom Fields for Trello

There are some third-party Add-ons and plug-ins for Trello. Unfortunately none gives you very good Trello Custom Fields support.

If you discover any, please let us know, and we'll add them here.

In the meantime, consider that for more process tasks and structured data, TaskPutty may be a better fit for you, whilst for project task type work, Trello might be a better fit for you.


Custom Fields and Drag and Drop Form-Designer

how to use forms to get Custom Fields

TaskPutty is very similar to Trello but

See the bigger picture with reports

Drag and drop report designer

Group, aggregate, filter and more

Build any process in TaskPutty


Plant Maintenance


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