What is Trello

Trello gives you cards to represent items that you want to track on a board, and you can drag and drop them between different vertical lists based on their status.

 Trello is somewhere between a visual task tracking tool, a todo list that teams can use to collaborate, and a project management tool with which you can assign tasks to users, add discussions, checklists and documents to tasks, and track their progress. Although it is not a full-blown project management tool, because it lacks things like task-dependencies, and you cannot easily decompose tasks into sub-tasks beyond the use of simple checklists.

what is trello

Trello is loosely inspired by the concept of a KanBan board.

kanban board trello

Typical uses of Trello

  • Trello works really well for Tracking a list of product features, that are under development
  • You can use it as a poor man's CRM to track sales leads, but see Trello CRM
  • You can use it as a bug tracker or an issue tracker, again only if you have relatively simple needs, and low issue-volume.
  • Trello can be really useful if you want to create an outline of tasks for project planning purposes, and to assign tasks and track their completion.
  • Trello cards can become like mini knowledge repositories for each task, with attached documents and chat discussions and check lists.
  • Some companies use public trello boards to share their planned features with the world letting customers and prospects comment and help prioritise features for development

This 5 Minute video gives you a good idea of what Trello can do

What Trello can't do

See comparison between Trello and TaskPutty.

Trello Pricing

Nearly all of the tools in this space are very affordable, making pricing virtually a non-issue.

Trello is free to use with as many users as you want, but if you require more advanced features or bigger file attachements, then the business edition priced $8-10 per user per month should be good for the typical business user. An enterprise version with single sign-on is available at around $20 per user per month.
see Trello Pricing

For comparison, TaskPuty is availabe for FREE for single user, there-after $3 per user per month, for up to 5 users, again making pricing the least relevant criteria for selecting the solution you need.
TaskPutty Pricing

Other notable products similar to Trello

Asana - Todo Task Lists for Teams

see asana.com

The difference between once-off to-do Task Tracking and recurring workflow task management

Once-off Tasks - Project Orientated


Workflow Tasks - Process Orientated


Just draw and go

Draw the steps in your process
and link them up

Then drag work items between
steps. Instant productivity!

Build any process


Plant Maintenance


TaskPutty is similar in appearance to Trello

Trello is good for capturing lots of free form information behind tasks, and managing tasks that form part of some larger project.

TaskPutty is a better fit for recurring tasks that flow through a process like HelpDesk (Issue Tracking) or CRM (sales leads) - especially when you need more flexible decision flows, and requiring reporting or custom business logic or automation like sending emails and business rules, or if you are dealing with higher volumes.

TaskPutty makes it easy for complex processes to be split into multiple boards, and to create automated rules that allow tickets to jump between boards.

Use rules to automate

Visually arrange trigger and action blocks

Send email

Multiple actions can be chained together

TaskPutty supports things like

  • Reports
  • Custom fields and structured data
  • Flexible process paths and non-linear processes
  • Drag and Drop Business Rules and Business Logic builder
  • TaskPutty is a better fit than Trello for tasks like CRM and issue tracking and helpdesk applications and other recuring tasks

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