CRM Sales Pipeline Management

Where does CRM fit into your overall business process?

Overall process fit of CRM
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Lead Generation

Your lead generation is your marketing efforts, the methods by which you intend to fill your sales funnel.

This may consist of inbound calls, lead capture forms on the web, direct reponse marketing, inbound marketing phone numbers, or outbound canvassing whether to cold leads, databases, or warm prospecting efforts from your sales staff themselves.

If this is an activity performed by your sales staff, you may consider adding it as a step on the front of your CRM process, otherwise it falls outside the process boundary for CRM.

CRM: The process that converts sales opportunities into closed deals.

Who interacts with this process - 3 perspectives

Three role players in CRM's perpectives
In order to create an effective CRM process, you need to consider the perspectives of three distinct role players:

How to design the right CRM process for your organisation

You probably don't have a strong need for CRM when:
(a) Customers make their decision to purchase with relatively little input from sales staff.
(b) The average transaction value or margin is low.
(c) The opportunity for repeat sales is low, or the value there-off is too low to justify special efforts.

Points to consider:

Key Measures